An Extra-Special-Kind-Of-Sensitive

This morning our youngest was an extra-special-kind-of whiny and clingy. He didn’t want to run errands with dad or go to preschool, which was out of character. “I want to be with you, mom.”

And then I remembered: I was a mess yesterday. I felt overwhelmed with all of my failings and an extra-special-kind-of sensitive to perceived criticism. And when I am a mess, the next day our youngest is a mess. I hate it when my emotional intensity comes out in ways that negatively impact others. I have more thoughts on this subject, but for now…

I want to share a little ebook I made. It is a short, illustrated poem. It takes just a minute and is free to read.  I read it again tonight and was encouraged by a vision greater than my mess. Click on the link at the bottom of this post (not the picture) to view the book.

Enjoy.  And share.


Illustrated by, PascalCampion