How to Keep it Real in Your Personal Brand

Voice Studio 19

In this Voice Studio episode, we go back and discuss why Andrea interviewed Naomi Loomis about branding cattle and how that relates to Personal Branding. It’s not what you think!

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Two Attributes of Youth Every Influencer Should Cultivate in Themselves

Voice Studio 18

What can we learn from successful millennials to apply to our own dreams? In this Voice Studio episode, Andrea suggests two attributes that anyone can apply to clarify their purpose and solidify their determination.

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* Episode 18: Creating a Business that Frees People: Pacha Soap

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How to Get Started Sharing Your Message on Social Media

Voice Studio 17

A few years ago I stumbled upon a few voices online who helped me to see that social media wasn’t just about sharing family pictures, catching up with long lost friends and debating politics. A wave of realization dawned on me that I could have a voice through social media, too. In this episode I share a brief description of that shift for me and how you can start or amp up the way you share your voice on social media, too.

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I’ve put together this special PDF of 15 tips and strategies for emerging thought leaders and message-driven creatives from experts interviewed on the Voice of Influence podcast. It’s a quick win that will encourage, inspire and equip you to make your voice matter more. Read up, listen in and make your voice matter more.

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How to Navigate Judgment When You Have a Platform

Voice Studio 16

In this Voice Studio episode, we look back at something discussed in episode 16 with Megan Swanson. Pageant women literally pay to be judged for all they are, but so do any of us who take the risk of sharing our voice with others. So how do we navigate that judgment? I offer two important things to consider in this episode. Taking in criticism from people who want to help you get better is much different than being pushed off course by someone who is reacting out of their own fear.

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  • Episode 16: Your Mess Can Become Your Message

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This is What You Need to Hear When You Question Your Dreams

Voice Studio 15: Me & You

In this Voice Studio episode I get really personal with a story about my dad, interviewed in episode 15. If you’re struggling to believe if your dream is possible or if you have what it takes, this is for you.

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Finding the Real Power in Your Message

Voice Studio 14

In this episode, Andrea discusses the importance of connecting deeply and personally with the message you’re wanting to get across. People connect more to your transformed vulnerability than your natural ability…trust me.

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The Four Elements of Your Voice of Influence

Voice Studio Episode 12

I am so excited to share this episode with you today because this is the introduction to the hearty nourishment I hope to provide through this podcast. If you’re wanting to develop your impact, today I’m revealing the four elements I believe make up a Voice of Influence.

Not mentioned in the episode is the fact that there is an inward awareness and development and then there is an outward awareness and development. The inward elements are Identity and Core Message. The outward elements are Creative Contribution and Strategy.

We’re getting down with the good stuff of purpose and calling here today. Enjoy!

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…where I will be doing a Facebook Live going into more depth on these elements on Saturday, June 3rd. If you’re reading this in the future, check into the group. There will likely be a number of posts about these elements in the future!

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What I Learned About Myself from Working with a Fashion Stylist

Voice Studio 11: Reflections on identity after working with Image Consultant, Toi Sweeney

This is a special Voice Studio episode. It is the audio from a video I recorded right after returning home from Philadelphia where I worked with image consultant, Toi Sweeney. In this episode I share my reflections about what I learned about myself from the experience and what I most wanted to share with you.

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* My Fascinate Advantage® offerings
* The original video of this episode (below)
* Episode 11 How to Dress Your Identity and Message with Toi Sweeney

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