#YourVoiceMatters Team

Amelia and I want to welcome you to our Dressember campaign to raise awareness, support and finances to help fight human trafficking. We invite you to participate with us by joining our #YourVoiceMatters team, donating, or both! Check out the videos below for more information about Dressember.

IMG_1621I believe that deep and lasting change works it’s way from the inside-out. So this year, we are not only raising money to fight human trafficking, we are challenging all women (and men!) to BELIEVE in your inherent dignity and put an END to self-deprecation (shaming yourself) out loud and in your heart. We believe that your value is God-given, not earned. You are worth loving, your love is worth giving and your voice is worth hearing. When you slip on a dress, we challenge you to slip on the belief that you have dignity and you will own that dignity to help other women and girls believe they have dignity too.

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Sign Up for the #YourVoiceMatters team here: CLICK HERE  I will send you information on our mission and what to do from here.


Dressember Campaign Video

Where Does The Money Go?

Money donated through the Dressember website goes to International Justice Mission. If you would like to raise money for or donate money to a different organization that fights human trafficking, you can!

DONATE to a different organization: Simply email me at awenburg@gmail.com and let me know that you are donating money to another organization but as a part of our #YourVoiceMatters campaign. You don’t have to tell us, but it is encouraging to know and share how our everyday advocacy through Dressmber is making a difference. You tell us (and our girls) that OUR voice matters when you let us know of your donation.

International Justice Mission: Here is a video from IJM, explaining the mission of their organization.

Every Dollar Counts

There is no gift too small. Donate today and watch for updates on social media #YourVoiceMatters.