The 1 Thing I Hope My Son Remembers From Our Fairy Tale

I wonder if this day marks the beginning of the end of a fairy tale. You may know the one I’m thinking of – the one where the young knight is inflicted with a paralyzing wound that can only be healed by a kiss.

A mother’s kiss.

It’s a fairy tale, but somehow the power of this special magic has instantly stopped end-of-the-world screams for help. It’s completely blocked floodgates of tears on the spot. It’s turned a paralyzed boy on his heals and turned him into a knight ready to fight again.

Today I walked my little guy into kindergarten. My bright, confident, enthusiastic, sensitive boy.FullSizeRender The paperwork I handed his teacher answered the question “What are your concerns?”

I said that I’m concerned he will get upset and think he needs me to be there to comfort him. Sometimes he runs away and hides under our bed when he’s upset. Sometimes he refuses to talk when his feelings are hurt. And mom is the only person he will engage.

But as I sit here this morning, searching for the truth inside my heart, I am realizing I’m not really concerned about all that. Honestly, I’m more concerned that when he gets hurt he will realize he doesn’t need me to be OK. I’m sad that my special magic is sure to lose it’s power as he grows up and into an independent young man.

I don’t know how many times I’ve kissed his boo boos. Probably two a day for 6 years. Let’s see…that would be over 4,000 magical kisses. That’s a lot of power for one person to wield.

It’s a lot of power to hand back.

I’m guessing my kissing-booboo-days are numbered. I will take his cue to know when it’s time to settle for a hug, to stay in my seat when he falls on the field, to bless him when he finds someone else to adore.

He may forget my kisses, but I pray that his heart will always remember the power of a loving, tender connection in life’s most difficult moments. And I pray he will use that knowledge to fight for the hearts of others with all of his bright, confident, enthusiastic, senstive self.


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5 thoughts on “The 1 Thing I Hope My Son Remembers From Our Fairy Tale

  1. Powerful! I will pray Sir Grant will be treated kindly by the world and that he will go forth to slay dragons only to return to the refuge of the castle where his Mom lives.

  2. Beautiful sentiments! Transitions are a part of motherhood and probably harder on us than the kids. Would definitely love my children to remember the love.

  3. My son is now 18 years old. He is a freshman in college and has been away since August 10.

    Much of what you stated in this post is exactly what I felt on his first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school, and yes, even college.

    Aubrey, my son, has shown me over the years that he fully understands the power of love. He’s always fought for the under dog. He will shake your hand, but if his empathetic heart tells him you need a hug, he will embrace you and hold you so that the power of love can begin to heal what needs healing.

    He can walk into the room and pass me without saying a word, but I know he loves me because he touches my face and looks me in the eye as he walks on.

    I dare say its the magical kisses I gave him. The ones that began 18 years ago. He was and still is not embarrassed by my hugs and or kisses. Those are still very important and to him they are vital for survival. That’s why he passes on the power of love.

    Your son will too. Enjoy him and every time the thought crosses your mind that you need to soak in every second of this so I don’t forget what it feels like, by George, soak it up! It will get you through the rough patches.

    Thanks again, for sharing your heart.

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