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Hello Friend. I am truly glad you are here. I am curious. What do you look for when you read articles on the internet? Comment below or send me an email, if you want to!

Every blog has a different feel and a different purpose. The about pages on this website are here to let you know more about my blog and teaching ministry. If you want to learn more about what I mean when I say “Live & Love Deeply,” click here, if you are looking for information about me, click here: “Andrea Joy Wenburg.” This page lists is specifically about my blog.

There are a few important things that guide me as I write for this blog. 

  1. Authenticity. I believe in being real so I spend a lot of time in reflection, seeking to get to the bottom of my heart. If I post anything, you can bet that I spent a lot of time in prayer and reflection to find the deep places that reveal my true self.Be Real
  2. Being real without baring all.
    Although you might find what I share to be intensely personal, I am very careful. Rather than baring all of the circumstances or details of my life, I do my best to dig deep into the heart of what I experience. Our experiences may be vastly different, but the array of feelings we feel are common to all humanity. That’s where I want to connect with you – on the level of our deep humanity.

Our experiences may be vastly different, but the array of feelings we feel are common to all humanity.

  1. I am a Christian. I care a great deal about understanding and wrestling with biblical text and how it applies to life.
  2. On this blog I want to focus on exploring what living and loving deeply looks like in relationships.I find that common sayings evoke certain ideas that are difficult to see past, so in this blog I attempt to avoid them in order to help us dig below the surface of lingo and assumption. Though I use biblical words and themes, you won’t often see verse references. If you ever want to know where I came up with anything, you are welcome to contact me. I would be ever-so-happy to dialogue about theology. If you are intrigued and want to know more, please ask!
  3. I learn about myself that I may offer the insight to others. It’s the way I was created and I’ve realized recently that to withhold what I have to offer the world actually hurts others. (And I hope that you will be inspired to offer YOURself to the world, too!)

You certainly are welcome to disagree with me. I respect you and appreciate your gracious responses.

  1. Conversation and relational reflections. I love great conversations about movies and life and all things real. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to relate to others in conversations of all kinds. I share ideas for conversations in this blog – perhaps you will find something useful.

You have a huge impact on this blog and everything I write. My writing is highly responsive to the need and longing I hear in others. Your likes, comments and shares give shape and passion to my thoughts that end up coming out here. Thank you!

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