Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A. & Aaron Wenburg, DPT

Do you remember grabbing your tray in the junior high cafeteria and then turning around to face the Wild West of lunchroom tables, wondering where in the world you belong? If you were one of the lucky ones, you knew you had a place with people who wanted you to join them and contribute to their insider conversation. Your friends looked to you for advice or to hear your opinions. They laughed at your jokes and leaned in with concern if you were struggling.

But do we ever leave the junior high cafeteria? Whether we realize it or not, we still want a seat at a table. We want to feel like we belong with someone and that our voice matters to them.

You want that, and so do the people on your team or in your audience. They want to feel like they belong with you but they also want to know that if they take the risk of speaking up, you won’t write them off, reject or ignore them. They want to know that their voice matters with you.

When you provide a table like that, the potential of your team is unlocked. Initiatives move forward. Problems are tackled arm-in-arm with hope and creativity. You go home at night to enjoy your family and friends with the peace of knowing that you’ve empowered your team to do and be their best.

When you treat your platform as a table like that, the hearts and minds of your audience open up. They receive what you have to offer with discernment and they contribute back to you and to the community. You learn how to guide them with awareness and wisdom based on who they really are, not who you think they should be and they feel like you get them.

Voice of Influence

The Voice of Influence podcast, academy, individual/couples mentorship and team trainings are designed to help message-driven leaders find, develop and apply their Voice of Influence at home, work and in the world.

We do this by helping you discover your personal brand strategy: your passion, your style, your message, your creative contributions, your plan and your community. Combining emotional intelligence and communication strategy, we then mentor you as you navigate the art and business of human dynamics and develop into the leader you dream of becoming. When you need to bring in outside experts to guide your team in trainings that will set them up for internal and interpersonal success, we help with that, too.

Who We Are

I am Andrea Joy Wenburg, M.A., author, speaker and strategist. As the founder of the Voice of Influence podcast and academy and author of UNFROZEN: Stop Holding Back and Release the Real You, I work with clients to help them discover and develop their Voice of Influence and how to apply it in the real world. Combining my background in business, counseling ministries and vocal music, I tackle communication problems and release human potential with contagious entrepreneurial energy.

Aaron Wenburg, DPT is an owner of Sandhills Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab in three locations. As the lead business consultant for Voice of Influence, Aaron helps leaders transform their personal practices for greater impact as a leader. He also consults with teams to improve systems and efficiency for increased productivity, revenue and alignment with their aspirational goals.

Together, Andrea and Aaron also provide a year-long mentorship for ambitious couples in leadership who want to overcome relational challenges, build practical systems to make life easier and align their objectives so they can become an unstoppable team. (Inquire for an application.)

View the UNFROZEN book trailer below and check out the free discussion guide here: Discussion Guide.

Read the prologue HERE. The book is my story as a strong, empathetic, sensitive woman on a search to figure out how to use my voice for relational connection and extraordinary impact. Maybe it’s your story, too.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andrea!

    Thank u for texting me your blog info……wonderful!
    Your doing amazing and u inspire me. ;0)

    U should feel great at what doing – proud!!!


  2. Just finished your book, Andrea! Thanks for sharing your story. I was struck by many parts. Passing your book along to my sister-in-law!

  3. Hi Andrea, I just finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing such an honest version of your journey to self acceptance and real joy. It truly is inspiring and made me think about times in my life when I too, thought I needed to meet the expectations of others and felt anxiety for “not living up to the part”. True happiness comes from within, fulfilling your purpose with passion, and being kind to others. Love always win !!!!

    It was such a pleasure to met you when you were in La Crosse.

    Keep using your voice to make a difference !